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My Night: Creating a Tabletop RPG, Tangled, and The Room

I’m not writing a blog post about any one inherently geeky thing today, and I apologize for this.  But I had a hell of a night last night.  You know, in college they call it thirsty Thursday because people are getting drunk or whatever it is that “normal” college students do in Thursday.  Me, my Thursday was a little bit different, but it also ended with me returning to my dorm room at 6 O’clock in the morning, nonetheless.  It started at 5 O’clock at night on Thursday, and a Disney Movie called Tangled.

Let me begin by saying I freakin’ love Disney Movies.  I could literally spend hours on end watching the adventures that the Walt Disney company has woven together.   As a matter of fact I have done this, but that is a story for another time.  I am a member of the On-Campus organization Dumbledore’s Army.  Yes, it’s a club where we normally discuss Harry Potter and stuff, but today we decided to watch Tangled.

Say what you will about your opinions on Disney movies, I thought Tangled had a certain air of badassery about it.  As a matter of fact, being the tabletop RPG gamer I am, I couldn’t help but say at certain points “Well HE failed his Dexterity check!” or “Roll the D20 for your Perception check!”  and thus, an Idea was born.  I could create a Tangled Tabletop RPG.  Is it a good idea?  Probably not.  Creating a tabletop engine requires a lot of time and effort, but my fellow DA members (Holly, Jessie, Willie, Chantel, Lorraine) agreed that after I finished (IF I finish) They’d be down to play it, so that’s fun.

So after we finished that wonderful film, we just watched Adult Swim on cartoon network and did awesome like we normally do. (We always do awesome).  It was around 11 o’clock that we decided we were hungry and should go to Devils Diner (The only dining hall at ASU open at such an hour) to eat.  Now, at the same time, the last Light Rail train was leaving, little to my knowledge.  I don’t have a car so I rely on taking the light rail to get back to my comfy room at Taylor Place dorms.    So, I missed the Light Rail.

I didn’t know it at the time of course, so I went on my merry way enjoying the evening.  I even had the privilege of explaining the Entire Final Fantasy franchise to Holly.  You know what?  I have time.   Here we go.

Final Fantasy 1: The original, terrible game by today’s standards, hard as balls, but the original.

Final Fantasy 2: Kinda actually had a plot, leveling system was lamesauce.  Never came out in the US til way later on.

Final Fantasy 3: Beginnings of the Job-change system, and overall awesomeness.  Never came out in the US until way later on.

Final Fantasy 4: Final Fantasy 2 in the us.  One of my personal favorite FFs.  Characters were awesome.  Plots were great.  Fighting system was impeccable.

Final Fantasy 5: Kinda lamesauce plot, but leveling system and Job Change/Mastery system was Aaaaaaawesome.

Final Fantasy 6: The villain was this awesome Demented Demonic clown thing that straight up murdered people for shits and giggles.  Yeah.  it was epic.

Final Fantasy 7: Hands down, the most popular of the FF games and the most famous.  Spawned its own franchise within a franchise, and had an EPIC movie called FF7 Advent Children.

Final Fantasy 8: WIDELY contested.  Some people, including me really like its plot and characters (DUDE HAS A SWORD THAT IS ALSO A GUN!) but a rather difficult to get the hand of fighting system. Love it or hate it.

Final Fantasy 9: I disliked this one.

Final Fantasy 10: Auron is a badass.  Tidus is way too peppy, and his girlfriend summons giant badass mosters.  Pretty cool game bro.

Final Fantasy 11: The MMORPG.  Not a fan, but lots of people are.

Final Fantasy 12: Very different, more strategic fighting system and In my opinion RIDIKILOUSLY hard. Main character is lame, but everything around him is epic.

Final Fantasy 13: NO ONE LIKES FFXIII…except me.  I thought it was awesome…

Final Fantasy 14: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…wait, this is actually a game?  Oh…well…uhm…why isn’t it finished?

There ya go. The entire main final fantasy franchise.  That was a long digression, and i will probably get several angry comments.  So, you know, COME AT ME BRO.

But at any rate, I was trapped in Tempe.  so what did I do?  I mooched.  I basically posted up in Adelphi 2’s common area, flipped on the epicness that is The Room, and began work on my Tabletop RPG.

Oh, what is The Room you say?  Only the greatest achievement ever in modern filmmaking!

Seriously.  Its SO BAD.  So bad that its hilarious.  I’m pretty sure Tommy Wiseau is the most unintentionally hilarious actor in the history of ever.  So, I would recommend seeing it purely for the lulz!

Whilst this epic was playing, I took the time to begin my build of the Tangled Tabletop RPG.

Basically, I built the classes for the game, based on the movie, and the spells that the mage class (Botonist/Florist) would use.  As for the game engine itself?  Well, I could only do so much in that time.  So 4 hours of writing and building, and watching The Room later, it was 5 o’clock in the morning and I still hadn’t slept.  the good news?  the light rail started up again!

It was still dark out, and here I was walking through an oddly empty campus.  2/3rds of the student populace was probably sleeping off the events of the night before.  And there I was.  A light rail ride later and here I am, in my dorm, tired as balls.  Do I get sleep?  Nope, I’ve got a full day ahead of me, but that’s the life of a geek!  Sleep isn’t always a luxury.  (Think LAN parties.)  So, at any rate, that’s why I’m not giving you a geely blog post today, and I’m sorry about it,  really.


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