About Brian Laurence Bishop

I was born a geek.  I hail from the hallowed lands of Santa Cruz, California (The greatest area in the US.)  I eat, sleep, and breathe the life of a geek, from cons, to games, to movies, to anime, I do it all.  My favorite anime is Gurren Lagann, my favorite game is Mass Effect 2, My favorite movie Is Transformers, and I REEEALLLYYY love pie.  I play a Paladin, and I think puns are absolutely hilarious.  but most of all, I think that geeks should be seen as cool in society, because they REALLY, FREAKIN’ ARE!  Please, come back soon, there will be much more to come!

Also, feel free to email me at


follow me on twitter at @BishopofBrian

or join the facebook Fanpage here

Also, my Xbox live gamertag is BlackChaosVirus


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